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Kelsey. 22. LDS/Mormon. Mainer. Utahn. USU Aggie. BYU Cougar. Superwholockian. Whovian. Potterhead. Hufflepuff. Musician. Pianist. Singer. Future music therapist.
Nature. Ocean. Sky. Clouds. Puppies. Corgis. French. Family. Friends. Ice cream. Bright colors. Mismatched socks. Colored pants. Happy. Smiling. Love. <3

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I feel like the Mormons should work at Monsters Inc. but instead of scaring people they just try to convert them. 





I just showed this to my Mormon friend who’s about to leave on her mission and she’s crying from laughing so hard.

Mormon’s Inc.

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I was being chased by a giant dinosaur but I think I managed to give it the slip.
— Capaldi you beautiful new doctor (via doctorwho)

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Handles T_T it’s been months and they still manage to give me Handles feels.

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You all sound all English!
— The moment I decided I love super Scottish Doctor Who (via doctorwho)

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I don’t like her ma’am, I love her. And as to different; shes a lizard.
— (via doctorwho)

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Crying over a dinosaur what is my life

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My favorite thing about the Doctor after he regenerates is when he makes fun of himself.

Yes, Twelve. Those ARE quite the eyebrows.

I’m Scottish. I can complain about things. Give me your coat, I’m cold.

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'I'm not cross' she says in a cross way crossly

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